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Kristen Tweedy, CRNA
I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I cannot begin to explain how much prodigy helped to prepare me for boards. Your worksheets and workbooks were spot on and my school used the option of taking proctored exams in class which created a situation similar to what the stress of showing up on the day of boards felt like. Thanks to your program I was able to pass the exam on the first try in 45 minutes and got only 100 questions.

Julissa Camacho, CRNA
Arecibo, PR
This is Julissa Camacho and I wanted to say thank you thank you thank you so much for your help!!! I am mow a CRNA!! Your program is a success!!

Mariah Dillon, CRNA
Baltimore, MD
Peter, I PAAAASSSSEEEDDDD!!!! I took your advice... I believe prodigy helped in so many ways. The program helped with test endurance, interaction, strategy, and critical thinking! I could go on and on about prodigy, but it definitely challenged and prepped me. The hotspots, the MCQs, matching, and etc. were all necessary! Thanks for all the work put into the program... Especially the lectures! I PAAAASSSEEEDDDD!!! Thank you!

Tiffany Richardson, CRNA
Chicago, IL
Prodigy's quick reviews and practice exams are PHENOMENAL!!! The exams are exactly like boards, so I felt prepared!! Thank you for this amazing program. I plan to use it even while I'm working as a CRNA as a good review!

Bradd Sweatt, CRNA
Central City, KY
Just have to say thanks for Prodigy! I went into that test today and thought I was going to panic. After the first question pulled up, I realized how much the Prodigy software familiarized me with not only the material, but also the questioning formats. I have highly recommended it to the upcoming seniors... and I am very grateful! Passed in 100 questions

Geoffery Deason, CRNA
Ruston, LA
Once again, many thanks for developing a product that prepares students for an exam such as this. Your product made a huge difference in my level of anxiety. I had taken so many of your board prep tests in the program that I felt like I was just doing another review test. Great work.

Jay Tipton, CRNA
Sonora, CA
I just passed the NBCRNA today!! Paces is awesome!! I love Prodigy!

Lindsay Townsend, CRNA
Morristown, TN
Just wanted to thank you for YOUR hard work on Paces! I took my boards today - PASSED!! 100 questions, 75 minutes, 1st attempt!! Greatest feeling in the world!! Thank you again for this product!!

Michael Lupari, CRNA
Tampa, FL
Thanks for your help throughout the year. I completed my board exam on January 5th and was successful. I cannot thank you enough for the time you have spent developing PACES. It was the only study aid I used to assist me in my board preparation and...IT WORKED!!! As a University of South Florida graduate I would also like to thank you for the support you have provided to our program. Each class now utilizes the PACES software and I have given an honorable recommendation for its continued use. As a lifelong learner, I intend to utilize Prodigy Anesthesia to supplement my experience and education throughout my career.

Austin Miner, CRNA
Beaverton, OR
I couldn't have done it without your program...it was the only thing I used in preparation for the NCE and definitely the only thing I needed to succeed!

Brenda Arter, CRNA
Fort Wayne, IN
I just wanted to let you know that I sat for the NCE 12 days after graduation, which was the soonest possible moment I could, and I passed! I predominantly studied Paces throughout the year for the SEE and again for the NCE. I love the way Paces is broken into smaller modules, and that you can create your study plan with as much or as little content as you wanted. It definitely worked for me! Thank you!

Kate Box, CRNA

Dallas, TX
Just wanted to let you know that I passed boards today in 100 questions! Your prodigy program is the bomb! The board sim practice exams were so helpful, your rationale is thorough and I love the CURRENT references...makes looking up further explanations so much easier!

Guy Price, CRNA
Honolulu, HI
I passed!!!. I am happy to say all the material in your package helped me prepare for the boards. I used as many tools as I could from your software. I still use it while waiting for my new carrer to start to keep me fresh.

Mark Myers, CRNA
Solon, OH
Hello Peter, I'm pleased to inform you that I am now a CRNA thanks to your Prodigy Paces Program. I did take some extra time studying after graduation due to the death of my mother Arlene. I went through Paces taking all the 13 board exams and found it to be a real big aid to my success.

Katy Kerrigan, CRNA
Chicago, IL
I took boards on October 3rd and PASSED in 100 questions! I felt that PACES helped tremendously by preparing me for the multiple question formats. I felt as if the multiple response questions on PACES were even harder than the actual board exam. I made a study plan, went through every document, took quizzes 1-10 throughout my review, took all of the (long) weekly review quizzes, and took exams 11-13 on both board simulation mode and practice mode (board mode first, of course!). I absolutely loved being able to take topic specific exams, wrong answer exams, etc

Holly Brogan, CRNA
Burlington, NJ
I passed in 100 questions!! I thought your practice exams were very helpful and while taking my boards, I felt like I was sitting in front of my computer taking a Prodigy exam. I found your regional pictures/diagrams to be especially helpful as well as the way you summarized all of the gas laws. "Paid TV can be good" was a huge help to me as well as some of your other mnemonics like "Kept Man" for porphyria.

Thomas Romero, CRNA
Wilkes Barre, PA
I just wanted to say Thank You for all your hard work that you put into Prodigy. The study plan and several simulation exams provided for a solid base in the preparation process. I particularly liked the missed question section supported by the Topics review section. The review was valuable to me so that I could assure to myself that I understood those areas. I felt adequately prepared for my NCE last Friday, and am ready to get to work tomorrow. Thanks again for contributing to my success in passing the NCE on the first attempt.

Joseph Sanchez, CRNA
Minneapolis, MN
I wanted to let you know that I took the board exam today and passed with only 100 questions! I used Prodigy Anesthesia to study and prepare myself for the board exam. I think Prodigy is an amazing program and I recommend it wholeheartedly!!

Keith Tomlin, CRNA
Raleigh, NC
I wanted to send a quick thank you for your Board prep program. In
particular, your workbooks covering blood gases and PKA were a BIG help.

After I graduated, I spent three weeks with Prodigy, reading each section in
the study plan and taking the simulation tests. Afterward, I passed the
Boards the first time with 100 questions.

Thanks again!

Ryan and Michelle Bundenthal, CRNA
Cuyahoga Falls, OH
My wife (Michelle) and I both passed the NCE yesterday in 100 questions. We both used Prodigy and Valley but we had far more content recognition from your program than we did from reviewing MemoryMaster and Sweatbook. Your program is great! I will recommend it to the underclassmen.

Ryan Bundenthal

Michael Aquistapace, CRNA
Charlotte, NC
YES! I took my boards about 2 weeks ago and I passed. 
I had taken the boards right after I finished school and I did poorly. My school had given us the Valley Review course and I thought I would be prepared. I struggle with computer tests but I did well in school and thought I would be ready. It was a crazy time in my life, we were moving from Tennessee to California and I had a job lined up that I needed to start ASAP. The pressure was on and I hoped Valley was enough. It was not. After the holidays I bought Prodigy at the recommendation of some of my classmates. I used it for 2.5 weeks. I wish I would have used it a little longer. I did not get through all the tests. I took the test again and got 170 questions and got a 442 score. I was so close to passing. I knew that if I went through Prodigy again I would pass. I then studied nothing but Prodigy. Took all the tests 2x each and got through all the study materials. I took the test and got 100 questions and passed. I believe that if I would have had Prodigy from the start and made sure to cover the material I would have passed. I have already recommended prodigy to 4 of my friends. I tell all of them to do the entire Paces twice. Take the tests 2x and review all the questions you missed. It really works. Prodigy is the best. The tests get you in the frame of mind to take the test and the content is spot on. Thank you for such a great product and getting me to the point that I could pass. Thank you so much.

Cathy Sonsel, CRNA
Houston, TX
Took boards this morning and PASSED :) Thank you so much for what you have done with Prodigy. It was the only review I used and it definitely helped me pass on the first try!

Danielle Clark, CRNA
West Virginia
I just wanted to say thank you! I passed my board exam today, first attempt! I read M&M cover to cover and used the Prodigy software to prepare! It was a tremendous factor in my success! Thank you!

Corey Landacre, CRNA
Grand Rapids, MI
Thank you very much. BTW, only used Prodigy for SEE and boards. Got an unbelievable 483 on SEE and passed boards in 100 questions. Thanks again.

Jeremy Gormly, CRNA
Cordova, TN
I passed boards at 100 questions!!! I did PACES and all of the Prodigy
tests multiple times. I feel the way Prodigy asks questions was close to
how they did it on boards. If I did not know the answer right off on
boards, I could work through it and find the right answer because the
prodigy rationals gives great explanations! The chronic pain section
helped a whole lot!
Thanks for your help! 

Kimberly Hands, CRNA
Tamarac, FL
Hello Peter. I passed my test today. Thanks for your help. Prodigy is the way to go.

Kim Hands CRNA 

Colleen Bailey, CRNA
Charlotte, NC
Hi Peter
just wanted to let you know that I passed boards today!!!!!
oh my gosh i am just so excited
thanks for prodigy, I know that it really helped me!

Rupa Meshram, CRNA
Elkridge, MD
Hey Peter,

I can not explain my happiness when the exam closed at 100 questions, I knew I passed. And I DID :)  Thanks a MILLION for such an Awesome study prep for SRNAs. I truly loved it. It helped me practice and train my brain towards analytical and critical thinking. Your exams are hard and they really gave me that extra boost of confidence.  I would always recommend Prodigyanesthesia  for the Board prep. 
Thanks again. You ROCK!!!

Sheron Seerattan, CRNA

Villanova, PA
Dear Mr. Stallo,
I just wanted to extend my gratitude for your program. I took boards today and prelim. result is pass! I primarily used PACES to study. Thanks again and keep up the great job. I particularly like the study plan feature.

Leslie Alexander, CRNA
Philadelphia, PA
Hello Peter,

I wanted to thank you for your product - I passed my boards today and believe that PACES definitely contributed to my success. I think you have a great way of breaking down topics and helping shed light on the big picture so to speak.

Chelsea Nistler, CRNA
Columbia, MD
My friend Megan from Univ of MD and I took our boards this morning and passed! We loved the prodigy program, and feel it was vital to our

Laurel Burney, CRNA
Fairfax, VA
Thank you for Prodigy! I passed my boards today!!! Still don't believe it. I didn't know it was a 100 question exam. I almost threw up when it went to #76!

Thanks again,
Laurel Burney

Agnes Sansone, CRNA
Virginia Beach, VA
Just wanted to let you know that I passed my exam today. Took 100 questions in less than an hour because of prodigy. It is the absolutely best study guide. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Gabriel Dietsch, CRNA
Miami, FL
I passed my boards! Your program was spot on when it came to test format and difficulty of questions.  Also, your breakdown of the % of probability that a question will appear from that category was correct. It help guide my studying for the short time I had before the test. Keep up the good work. I'm highly recommending your program.

Holli Hoffman, CRNA
Boise, ID
I just wanted to THANK YOU for your program, I passed boards today with 100 questions.

Just to give you some feedback- I did Valley and your program and I started to get frustrated with Valley towards the end b/c they contradict themslves so much. I realize there's alot of contradictory info but it's not helpful to give us every factoid out there! You seem to streamline things a bit more and take a stance on things which helps with studying vast amount of info. Also Valley is getting less useful with how there's so many alternative format questions. I get ADD when taking exams and I manage my time poorly and your program really helped me with that. I was get 70%s (95% chance of passing) and felt adequately prepared today.


Sarah Bellenger, CRNA and
Phillip Baldwin, CRNA

Tacoma, WA
All went well with my test! It was good to be studying with Phillip Baldwin. We used your tests to warm up, and the worksheets and library to support and develop on the questions we got wrong. We couldn't have done it without your program!!!

Jennifer O'Donovan, CRNA
Newtown, PA
I wanted to let you know that on Saturday I passed the board and became a CRNA!

Thank you so much for all of your advice. Paces is great! It was the most helpful part of my whole study regimen.

Rick Smith, CRNA
Just wanted to say thank you for your PACES program!! It is awesome and I credit it above and beyond Valley for helping me pass boards today!! I only wish I had known of your program much earlier in my anesthesia education! It was only barely mentioned early on; however, the magnitude of your comprehensiveness was never made clear to us. My class mates only began using it in our last semester!

Marty Blaney, CRNA
Alexandria, VA
I just wanted to say Thank you for all your help, your product, and your commitment to this profession. I just PASSED THE NCE!!!!!!! I used PACES and only PACES to prepare. Thank you.

Jeff Taasan, CRNA
Sterling Heights, MI
Thanks for everything Mr. Stallo.
I passed my certification exam yesterday. PACES gave an accurate representation of the exam style questions. The volume and style of the simulation questions proved incredibly valuable. The reviews are quick and to the point. No fluff.
Thanks again Mr. Stallo.

Carlos Mateo CRNA
Houston, TX
Hey man. I took the boards today and passed on my first try! The PACES software was very helpful during my review and it accurately simulated the real test. I will definitely recommend it to future test-takers. PACES has gotten more an more intuitive and comprehensive with every update - Keep up the good work!

Hayden Hayes, CRNA
Panama City, FL
Hey man, I passed my boards last Wednesday. Just wanted to let you know. Prodigy was a great help. Thank you. Good luck with everything.

Argentina Bogardus, CRNA
Moraga, CA
I passed! I loved the software as I was able to simulate the actual exam. This proved helpful in keeping anxiety down during the exam due to it's familiarity.

I studied for about 9 days. I reviewed the content and practiced taking the exams during this time. I like the software as it is.

Thank you so much for your product.

Lucas Gravelyn, CRNA
Grand Rapids, MI
I just passed my NCE. Without prodigy I don't think I would have. I told my classmates so u can expect about 15 orders today! Thanks

Alicia Moore, CRNA
Fraser, MI
I used paces and passed my boards today!!  Thank you for prodigy!!! Its incredible!

Israel Coronado, CRNA
Weslaco, TX
Hi Mr. Stallo,

My name is Israel Coronado, CRNA (Brand new)!!!!. I wanted to take this time to thank you for your constant updates on PACES. I found your software extremely useful in helping me prepare for boards. After comparing the different resources I used to prepare for boards, I can honestly say that PACES allowed me to go through a large amount of material and numerous concepts in a systematic way. PACES gave me the ability to relate the concepts to a testing scenario which allowed me to retain the information in an easy to organize way.

Charlene Johnson, CRNA
Saylorsburg, PA
I passed my boards.  I felt Prodigy exams were a good simulation of the
board exam I was given...Despite all my studying for sitting for the exam
was very stressful but felt the prodigy exams prepared me well.

Thanks for your efforts to maintain prodigy up to date with new topics.

Jimmy Krueger, CRNA

Euless, TX
Just wanted to say thank you very much for the prodigy program. It was a tremendous help in my studying. I found the board questions to be very similar to the strength/style of your questions. I recommend your program to anyone studying for boards. The study plan feature was a phenomenal help in getting myself organized. As well as the study share review sheets. Thanks again.

Ashley Audet, CRNA
Winslow, ME
Hey there!
I'm a CRNA!!! I'm so excited. I started studying for boards 6 months prior using Valley. I studied with that until 5 weeks before boards when I added prodigy to my study plan. I wish I had got prodigy sooner because there was so much information that I didn't have time to go through in as much depth as I would have liked.  I love the practice exams and the interactive format.  I liked the update that I received right before my exam that had lectures (the pka one was useful for the exam).
Overall I am very happy with prodigy and would recommend it to anyone looking to take boards,  I recommend buying it sooner rather than later. With the free upgrades for 3 years it would be perfect to get it about 12 months into an anesthesia program.
Thanks again!!

Patti Hay, CRNA
Philadelphia, PA
Hello Pete,
I passed the boards on Nov 29!!
I used your 'StudyPlan' the last 3 weeks prior to taking the exam and just crossed referenced with M&M, Barash, Stolting and Nagelhout (not too much of Nagelhout). I also used Valley's Memory Master.
Your mock exams are a great prep for the real thing- 'Drop & Drag' are spot on!

Shira Amor, CRNA
Los Angeles, CA
PACES helped me pass the boards with 100 questions. Although I was nervous I felt the exam went very well. My preparation included completing all the exams (9), and reviewing all the questions I got wrong. I focused on areas I felt were weak by reviewing the library material and using Morgan and Mikhail and Barash for clarifications....Thanks again, I would recommend PACES whole heartedly to all!!

Helen Stepan, CRNA
Playa Vista, CA
Hi Peter,
I have been meaning to write you to tell you how helpful Prodigy was in my board prep! Not only the practice exams, but the library was also extremely helpful! I took the boards several weeks ago and passed with 100 questions.
Anyway, thank you so much! Prodigy was worth every penny. :)

Marynez Irizarry, CRNA
Penssauken, NJ
I took my exam last Thursday and am very happy to report that I PASSED my boards   :)   ... Not only did Prodigy help me by teaching me how to answer tough exam questions, it was extremely useful in guiding my studies...in terms of showing me what I needed to know for boards. Moreover, I found it really helpful being able to take practice exams by individual topics....as this helped me identify what my weaknesses were. 

Udaini Narasimhan, CRNA
Glendale, AZ
I took the boards and passed it on 1st Oct. Thanks for the inquiry. 
I kept scoring 60-70%. Prodigy said that it increased my chances of passing the boards by 90%. So that is where I was just before taking the exam. I felt that as a whole the questions in Prodigy are harder then the actual boards. But I had lot of fun taking the quizzes...
Overall I am glad I took the prodigy package. I would recommend it to anyone. 

Mark Bashford, CRNA
Old Bethpage, NY
Hey! I passed my boards! Thanks for your great resource!!

Sheryl Ivey, CRNA
Ooltewah, TN
Went great!  Passed first time:) Prodigy was a HUGE help! Thanks so much for making such a great program:)

Christine Harris, CRNA
Wilmington, NC
Awesome, passed the first time with 100 questions and prodigy was invaluable in my preparation. I thank you all ever so much.

Christine Harris CRNA

Jennifer Wilson, CRNA
Mebane, NC
I took and Passed boards on October 28th. Yay!! For the last two weeks of study I mainly used Paces and one textbook if I felt I wanted to look up something. In my opinion Paces was a life saver and a huge factor in my success on boards. I have since recommended it not only to several friends who are still in school, but to my school also.

I think Paces is an excellent tool and I also found the questions and discussions on Facebook extremely helpful. And again I will say how happy I am that I chose this as my study material because I feel it was an instrumental part in passing boards!

Chad Momberger, CRNA
Cary, NC
I did in fact pass boards on the first attempt and I will say that Prodigy was a big help in accomplishing that feat. I ultimately went through 8 exams, 6 of which I went through multiple times in review mode. The library information was especially helpful, more specifically the calculation worksheets and the anatomy workbooks. The prodigy exams helped me to sit down at my boards exam and feel like I had already done it a milliion times. The look and feel of boards was almost identical. The Prodigy exams are also much more difficult than actual boards in my opinion, and this forced me to study even harder than was necessary, making the passing of boards much easier.

Thanks again for your product, and for your advice and encouragement the week before my test. It really helped out a lot.

Dan Cong, CRNA
Flint, MI
I passed on 100 questions. Prodigy helped a lot. I like it. It helped on timing the exam, so I knew that my pace was OK.

Great job! I will suggest all my friends to prepare boards on Prodigy.

Rachel Webb, CRNA
Birmingham, AL
The prodigy review tests were an excellent addition to my studying. I feel that those tests really prepared me for the actual tests by presenting the information in a different way than valley. I really believe that the prodigy tests helped me pass boards the first time. It was very helpful to take a practice test just like the boards and evaluate my progress. I would recommend Prodigy to anyone preparing for boards.

Ai Lien Kowalski, CRNA
Fisherville, KY
...I would recommend prodigy to others as it was recommended to me. I also think Prodigy helped in going through the motion of getting used to taking an exam. As I was taking the exam I was very nervous. But because I was used to taking Prodigy exams, it helped me sit through my exam. I finished my exam after answering 100 questions.

Dana Verkade, CRNA
I passed...hardest test of my life but prodigy really helped get a feel for what type of questions they would ask and how they would ask them.

Dawn Sage, CRNA
Middleton, WI
I took my boards on 9/9 and PASSED! I felt prodigy helped me get into a test mode and helped with learning along the way.



Laird Clark, CRNA
Took my boards on Aug 26th and PASSED! I graduated Aug 12th and was the first one in my class to take boards. PACES influenced my decision to take boards early. I just took a couple of sim exams and when I saw my chances of passing boards I scheduled my exam a week earlier than I had planned. I took all the remaining exams before I took boards. I also used PACES during my last semester of school using the create exam by topic option to study for exams in school. PACES gave me that extra boost of confidence to take boards early. So glad I did!

In any case you have a great program there and I'm very satisfied. Thanks!

Laird Clark, CRNA

Jason Calomadre, CRNA
New York, NY

Hi Peter,

Just want to let you know that I passed my board exam today!!! Thank you so much for your help. The board simulation questions really helped me a lot.

Thank you,

Rebecca Boust, CRNA
Moore, OK
Hey, thank you so much for all your help with your program. I just passed!!!!  Of all the study materials that I used, Prodigy was the most effective.

Cerisa Forrest, CRNA
Jackson, TN 
I passed!!! :) Thank you!! I think PACES is a def must have for boards!!

Donna Murphy, CRNA
Philadelphia, PA 
The mock exam review was awesome. I loved the format. I did all the questions multiple times. It gave me a real comfort level with the exam format. Also, the % chance of passing boards was a real confidence booster, key for your mental outlook on the big day. Thanks again for your program, couldn't have done it without it!

Del Santana-Jackson, CRNA
Philadelphia, PA 
I took my boards on August 18th and PASSED!!!!!!!! I've never felt to relieved in my life. I also wanted to thank you. Your product is phenomenal!!! Going over the simulation exams, MA questions, click and drop, and the diagrams were extremely helpful. I was able to think through the given concepts and rationales after each question on prodigy, and apply them during the exam. I am deeply grateful for this product.

Andrea Tote, CRNA
Philadelphia, PA 
Hi Peter. I passed my exam and I loved Prodigy! It was so helpful. Especially the library of information! Thank you!

Gena Rowan, CRNA
Baldwyn, MS
With great thanks to PACES, I passed boards the 1st time. I felt your program brought everything together for me. The format was much like boards which was beneficial. It wasn't just a question answer format.....this format makes you think first before looking at the answer....this format helps tremendously with problem solving and reasoning...EXACTLY what I needed for board preparation.   Keep up the good work!

Lisa Rostoker, CRNA
Huntington Station, NY
I found the practice tests to be the perfect study method and definitely an excellent way to really prepare for the test, feel more comfortable, and really learn and understand the material to the necessary depth required for this test.  I would definitely recommend Prodigy to all SRNAs! Thanks so much!

Pauline Taylor, CRNA
Claremore, OK
I am glad to say that I took my boards and passed on the 1st attempt. PACES was a great help. I had been using valley, and even though it helped, I was frustrated with the outdated references, a problem I did not encounter with Paces. I liked the ability to do tests on specific topics, such as OB, geriatrics, and obesity and also that it is a resource I still can continue to use.
Thanks for a great product, I have been telling everyone I talk to that is still in school to consider getting it and take advantage of the library portion, too.

Phaedra Wagner, CRNA
Champions Gate, FL
I passed my NCE on my 1st attempt(July 19)!!! I had only 100 questions so I was really excited about that.  I believe the Prodigy exam format prepared me very well.  The library is AWESOME. I stopped going through Memory Master once I learned about the library.  It is so easy to look up a specific topic.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the library. Your program is thebest.com:) THANK YOU SO MUCH PRODIGY.

Stacey Pepper, CRNA
Decatur, AL
I passed on my first attempt! And prodigy was a HUGE help! Your exam format was perfect preparation for boards! The harder questions on your simulation exams were just what I needed to get ready for the real exam.

Emily Whitcomb, CRNA
Birmingham, AL
Well..... I passed boards!!! I really don't think it would have been possible without Paces! There were so many questions that I would have never answered correctly with that other review course alone.

Leigh Anne Goodwin, CRNA
Houston, TX
Thank you Prodigy Anesthesia for helping me pass boards.  I felt like the questions and explanations provided in PACES helped me tremendously. I have a front loaded program; therefore, I was a year and half removed from taking tests. The practice tests with PACES really helped me get in test-taking mode again and discover the areas I need to work on.  The format of the tests on PACES were the same and the questions were comparable if not more difficult than the actual exam.  Overall, Prodigy Anesthesia boosted my confidence for boards and helped me pass with flying colors. I would recommend it to anyone preparing for boards.

Laura Gorman, CRNA
Altamonte Springs, FL
I passed! I am so glad I chose Prodigy to help me prepare. The board simulation exams were very helpful including the alternative format questions. I studied both Valley and your program, however, Prodigy was ultimately what made me feel ready for the exam. I actually felt that some of the board questions were easier than some of the simulation questions. The format of PACES was spot on and really reduced my anxiety when I got to the testing center. I really liked the links to topics near the rationale box. The outlines were easy to read and not taxing on the eyes like others I've seen.

Lisa Rodriguez, CRNA
Hollywood, FL

hi peter,
I passed boards, and I think it was all thanks to you. (well at least a part, lol)  I cant believe how similar the exam was, I had done valley and my friends as well. They were taking boards and saying how valley was not equivalent.  paces got me thinking in board terms, I started to really study and analyze questions for what they are worth.  Being able to see immediately if the answer was right or wrong, taught me why I was answering incorrectly, and how to choose correctly from that point on.  It was a lot of work, I studied valley in january seminar, in march for comp exam, and all may and beg of june 10 hrs a day 6 days a week.  And then i saw prodigy.  I thought it would be good to try something different to see how I was doing.  Well to my surprise I was not passing paces exams. I think if I had not done prodigy, I may not have passed.  All I can say is thank you, you have a great program.   

Christopher Kyle, CRNA
Washington, DC
"I really think Paces helped quite a bit. You have 6 simulation exams, and they're pretty tough and cover most of the content. I liked your "Playing the Odds" document, and since I had bought "Memory Master" from Valley, I studied those sections in that text where you stated anywhere from a 60%+chance of seeing the content on the exam. I only studied about 150 pages of the 500-page Memory Master, then decided that it was too ridiculous to study every bit of detail in that study guide. It was just too time consuming. I scrapped that idea and then just practiced the Paces exams and looked through some old school notes.
I never attended the Valley seminar and never read the 'Sweat Book'. Yet, I felt comfortable with the exam format after using Paces, and I passed the Boards on the first try. I saved hundreds of dollars compared to my classmates who bought an entry ticket, plane tickets and hotel rooms to attend the Valley seminar."

Kaitnarine Harilal, CRNA
Charleston, SC
"I took the Exam and passed with just 100 questions. Your test material and practice questions were better than Valley Review. thanks, I will recommend it to others!"

Janey Pierson, CRNA
Brookland, AR

"I passed my boards first attempt!  It was really tough.  But I do feel that Prodigy really helped prepare me for the exam.  Your questions are really difficult and mentally prepared me for what boards were gonna be like.  I went to Valley review and read their material several times, but their review questions were so straight forward and to the point, nothing like boards.  Your questions were written in the same manner as boards....tough!  I went over an exam every couple weeks in the beginning, then a few a week, and then one a day for last week.  Thanks for all your hard work and the 'mental olympics' that helped me cross the finish line!"

Matt Fox, CRNA
Philadelphia, PA
Mr. Stallo,

I passed!  I used PACES pretty extensively for preparation and owe much of my confidence on test day to the PACES software.

Scott Babcock, CRNA
Tampa, FL
I passed boards easily, and the prodigy exams were exellent practice.  I used several different study methods, but I think the prodigy exams were the most useful and efficient way of preparing for boards.  

Dana Smith, CRNA
Jonesboro, AR
I passed!!!!!  I really believe that PACES was a huge help in preparing me for the format used by boards.  The question you use are tough, just like boards, and the practice test are so true to form of the real boards.  Your exams improved my test taking skills and really prepared me for what was to come with the real thing.  I love being able to build my own test, tailored to what I needed the most work on also.  Thank you for all your help!!!

Kristine Hays, CRNA
Santa Monica, CA
Hello! I took the boards for the first time on may 25th and I passed!!! I completely believe that prodigy helped me get better in test taking. Alot of my classmates and I (who were required by our school to take 5-6 sessions (4hr long) "prodigy" review  days at the end of our last sem) thought that your questions were much harder than boards! 

Thanks for following up and keep up the great work that you do!!! 

Katrece Ellis, CRNA
Houston, TX
I passed. I have recommended u to my team in Arkansas. I think a big group ordered from u. This is the closets study guide comparable yo boards. Thank you!!!

Allison Williams, CRNA
Lexington, SC
 I took boards 2 weeks after graduation, and I have to say the PACES program really helped me to be comfortable with the type and style of questions for boards.  The program also helped me see what areas I need to focus with studying, showed me new approaches to answering questions with the rationale, and introduced me to topics that may not have been covered by my program.

Katia Aziz, CRNA
Macomb Township, MI

I did just take my boards and am happy to report that I passed the NCE. Thank you so much. I went through over 500 questions of the prodigy exams before the big test date,and must say that it really helped me. I not only understood the rationale behind the answer but it also showed my how my mind was interpreting the questions. I often would over look what was actually being asked or misunderstood what was being asked. The prodigy program is well done and really covers a lot. Keep up the great work and thank you so much Mr. Stallo. 

Diana Acosta, CRNA
Mayaguez, PR
The tests helped me get into the exam mode since I had to analyze each question before answering and not just reading through Q & A's as I had been doing. Overall, I think PACES is an excellent program in preparation for the boards. 
Thank you for your help :)
Diana Acosta, CRNA!!!!!!
Gary Sturtevant, CRNA
Rogersville, MO
"Dear Peter,
     I passed the boards the first time and I credit Prodigy PACES for my success. I feel that the question format was right on with the exam. The ability to take the exams repeatedly was a BIG plus as was being able to take exams targeted to certain areas. I especially appreciate the being able to update the software for the next 3 years. I have passed my boards but plan on using PACES to help keep me sharp. Thank you so much for your product."

Bruno Beja-Umukoro, CRNA
Irvington, NJ
"It went well and I passed. PACES was very helpful especially after countless hours of reading and feeling overwhelmed."

Andrea Atkins, CRNA
St. Louis, MO
"I passed my boards on Jan 22 on the first attempt! You practice tests helped me to feel more prepared to sit down and take the computer exam. The simulations were very similar to the board experience. And I actually learned a lot just from reading through the rationales given with the answers, and actually had several board questions I answered correctly based on that information. I would definitely recommend these to a friend. The exams were actually more difficult than boards, but I really liked that because in comparison boards seemed less difficult. Overall, it was well worth the cost!"

Phillip Cartwright, CRNA
Madisonville, KY
"Took my test in the middle of January and passed first time on 100 questions. I feel Prodigy was a big help to me. I had quite a few multiple answer and drag and drop questions but because I had seen them in practice tests, they didn't trip me up. Thank you Prodigy!"

Yvonne Browning, CRNA
Destin, FL
"Dear Peter,
Yes I took boards and I passed. I believe PACES helped me because it gave me practice with the computer exam plus the information in your questions with the rationale was extremely helpful."

John Lyons, CRNA
Cadiz, KY
"Boards were brutal but I was successful on my first attempt. I honestly feel like I studied too much but I did find the Prodigy helpful. Your questions were up to date and and relevant. Questions were in very similar format as the prodigy program. I used your test for "mental aerobics" too. To get myself use to setting and answering 100-200 questions in a row. I like the fact that you have cited references right there if you want them with your rationales."

Shaun Ferrie, CRNA
St. Louis, MO
"Dear Peter,

I did indeed pass my boards recently. Prodigy was helpful to me in that the practice tests were in a very similar format of the boards.

The question and rationale format were also great review.


Kelly Trancucci, CRNA
Abingdon, MD
"I did pass my boards on the first try (100 questions). I feel like prodigy really helped me in preparing especially because it has never been easy for me to take tests on the computer. I typically like to write on my exam paper, and was glad to have so much practice with computerized questions before going into the exam,
Thanks again"

Josh Stevenson, CRNA
Boyd, TX
Prodigy furthered my studying ability drastically. The exams were very realistic and similar to boards. I went through the material twice. Passed boards the first time 2 weeks after graduating from Texas Wesleyan. Class of 2010.
Thanks again. And good luck to those of
you taking the exam soon.
Josh from Texas

Chris Sampson, CRNA
Greenville, KY
"Boards went well, I passed on one try and I am very thankful for that. PACES was very helpful in my board preparation and I feel like it was a very important study tool. The questions on boards were very similar in nature to your software and some of the content was right on target with the exam."

Megan Taylor, CRNA
Bangor, ME
"Boards were a success!  Passed in 106 question.  PACES was extremely helpful.  I found the format of the practice exams to be the closest I saw to the real thing." 

Katie Prchal, CRNA
Charleston, SC
"I passed in 101 questions.  I would say it definitely helped. Thank you!"

Hiroko Miura, CRNA
Redlands, CA
"I passed boards on the 15th with 100 questions!  I think doing Prodigy questions helped me pick the right answers!  I really didn't think boards was not too bad.  I got 417 on SEE exam on 10/15.  Since then I think I could pick a whole a lot more of right answers!!  Thank you!!!"

Indra Tun, CRNA
Dunlap, IL
"I am very excited to let you know that I passed my boards.  I really think that PACES help me a lot with the practice. 
Thank you again. I have recommended my fellow interns to practice with PACES."

Charlie Hong, CRNA
Mechanicsburg, PA
"Thank you for your email, and thank you for your Prodigy program.  I passed my certification exam in October."
" Your exams were extremely helpful especially in preparing me with the new format questions.  The explanations to the questions were very thorough and useful in further enhancing my knowledge of the material.  Your program was highly recommended by classmates of mine and also by others whom I met at the AANA annual meeting in August.  Again, thank you to your program, I was able to evaluate my understanding of the material and truly apply my critical thinking skills to your questions.  I've already recommended your program to friends of mine who will be taking their boards this December.  "
Thank you for your time in helping us to succeed."

Kimberly Warren, CRNA
Orlando, FL
"I passed!  Prodigy was a big help!  The board questions were very similar!  I bought prodigy a while ago, and it not only helped me to pass boards, but also helped me to study for class exams.  Great product.  Thanks!"

Ted Gavel, CRNA
Pittsburgh, PA
"I passed boards in 100 questions.  PACES significantly improved my preparation.  I loved the numerous test & quiz options.  Both the number of questions and the ability to randomize helped build my mental endurance.  I appreciate the wide variety of references and obscure issues found in PACES.  Boards covered all major anesthesia areas in a near random manner.  While I had some easy questions, many hit the minutia in a manner quite similar to PACES."

Keisha Davis Hackley, CRNA
"I used PACES in addition to other study materials which worked great for me. PACES exam simulation helped me feel less anxious about how the exam process would go and the rationales were priceless. Thanks all your hard work helped me become a success story." 

Christol Williams, CRNA
"I passed my boards on February 5th 2010! Prodigy was recommended to me by several of my peers from UMDNJ. I am so glad that I made the decision to purchase PACES to prepare for my exam. The questions were a mock " wake up call" before the real wake up call. The questions were well-formatted and covered key topics found in the blue print of the exam. My testing areas of weakness were exposed and subsequently, gave me a chance to improve those areas."

Hillary Catlin, CRNA
Silver Spring, MD
"Thanks so much! The sim exams were very helpful and also gave me the confidence to bite the bullet and take the exam."

Gary Boutwell, CRNA
Birmingham, AL

"I found the PACES program to be extremely user friendly. I believe the variations in the set-up of each test is a great feature.
The questions within the PACES program were content appropriate. I found the questioning to be at a much higher level of difficulty than those of the Valley review, therefore pushing me to more detail.
I felt the money for the PACES program was well spent. The Cert exam was very difficult requiring me to think through what I've learned applying what I know before an answer could be deduced."

Sergio Gonzalez, CRNA
"Mr. Stallo, Thank you for your help and great CRNA review simulation tests.  I passed my boards on my first attempt!  Thank you and Prodigy. Highly recomended."

Mike MacKinnon, CRNA
New Jersey
"The PACES program was an integral part of of my study plan. The program does an excellent job both testing your knowledge and adding to it with the 5 full board exams and the ability to view the rationales. The ability to focus on weak sections by headings is invaluable for bringing them up to par. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this program to the thousands of SRNAs on my website (www.nurse-anesthesia.org) and promote it for free because I believe it helped so much. Believe me, when the boards shut off at 100 and you get the "pass" letter in the mail, it is all worth it!"

Sean Scribner, CRNA
University of Nebraska Medical Center

 "I strongly recommend the prodigy software! I passed boards on the first try taking the minimum 100 questions.  Prodigy offers software that is unrivaled in its preparation.  The questions were excellent and the distractors were very close to those seen on boards."

Allecia Webster, CRNA

"I took the CRNA exam on March 17th  and passed!!  I am so relieved.  The prodigy exams were invaluable!  It was a great way to study for the exams.  Some of the questions were similar to the ones on the exam.  Thank you so much."

Marie A. DeFrancesco-Loukas, CRNA
"Your program's format was right on target.  Your rationales for answers helped gain comprehensive understanding of the material. Highly Recommended to colleagues. Thank you ! "



Tanya Jenkins, CRNA
Bellevue, NE



"I am writing to express my thanks for a great test prep product. I received the news today - I passed the exam. I'm officially a CRNA!! Yippee!
Thanks again for a great test review program."

Kyle Vanderford, CRNA
St. Vincent's Hospital
Birmingham, AL


" For me, the PACES program was an invaluable part of my board preparation. It was very helpful to be able to sit down and simulate the testing environment. Other programs offer a multitude of questions with long multilevel explanations that can be confusing and never give a clear answer, but PACES offers high quality questions with four possible answers and one correct answer with an explanation.

     The simulation that PACES provided helped me to be as relaxed as possible when I sat down to take the actual exam. I encourage anyone I talk to about boards to use PACES as an essential adjunct to their preparation process in order to be successful on their first attempt.  

     Take it from someone who used PACES to be successful on their SECOND try!"

Kristen McKelvie, CRNA
Raeford, NC
  "I utilized both PACES v 1.3 and 2.0. I feel that the software definitely contributed to my success in passing the NCE. Thank you so much for developing an excellent and invaluable product. It was worth the money. I would recommend this software to anyone studying for the NCE."

Bruce Marcus, CRNA
Bonita Springs, FL
  "Thanks to your help and a great product, I have passed my CRNA boards , first take. Who needs Valley anyway?"


Denise Leger, SRNA
Houston, TX
"I have been very satisfied with your program.  It was extremely helpful in preparing me for my SEE therefore, I intend to continue using it to prepare for my boards which I take in six months.  The format of the questions on the PACES program were almost identical to the format of the SEE so I am certain that will hold true for the certification exam as well.  It has proven to be a great preparation tool.  Thanks."

Susan Fox-Kuhner, SRNA
Oak Hill, OH
  "I am so glad I found Paces.  You have a great thing going and I think it will really help me with boards. I appreciate your input to organize my study plan. Thanks again!!"

Tina Schegel, CRNA
Chesapeake, VA
I did take my boards on Feb 16 and was successful in passing them!
Prodigy was absolutely an awesome tool to use! I found the practice
exams so very helpful especially the feedback provided and the ability
to look at the information from the source. I used the topic tests both
to study for courses as well as for boards. Thank You so much for
creating such a great tool!

Jennifer Jamison, CRNA
Stanardsville, VA
Wanted to thank you for your product, especially your great exams! I passed boards today and believe your review and exams had a large part to do with it! Thanks again and I will recommend your program to other students without reservation.

Jennifer Jamison

Misty Brown, CRNA
Southaven, MS
I just wanted to inform you that I passed boards yesterday.  I felt that Prodigy Anesthesia was helpful.  It was especially helpful in preparing for the format of the exam and various types alternate question format.  In addition, I really appreciated your calculation files. Thanks!

Becky Varvera, CRNA
St. Peters, MO
Just wanted to let you know that I passed the certification exam on Thursday, 1/26. Your review material and tests with very helpful in preparing me for the BIG test.

Shannon Still, CRNA
Knoxville, TN
I passed my Boards with 100 questions. I do feel like PACES helped me prepare. Doing example questions and having to pay attention to the details of the questions and answered was great practice.... Thanks, for taking our suggestions for your questions and corrections. I have recommended your program to classmates and friends that are in other Anesthesia programs.
Shannon Still

Leigh Harner, CRNA
Birdsboro, PA
I did take boards and passed! PACES did help me prepare for the exam. I especially liked your latest upgrade that allows you to create a study plan. It was an excellent resource.

Stephanie Roche, CRNA
Philadelphia, PA
Boards were difficult, however, I passed on the first attempt.  I think that doing practice questions helped me tremendously.  The PACES program nailed the format of the exam.

Eric Atwood, CRNA
Knoxville, TN
Paces was great. Having all that material on the computer was super
convenient. Love the quick reviews and the tests with pass probabilities
were great! Now I can add CRNA to the MSN and APN. Thanks Prodigy!

Ashley Glor, CRNA
Philadelphia, PA
I took and passed the NCE on the first attempt!!! I read through and studied Memory Master, but I really really accredit the Paces as the reason for my passing. I am so thankful for the Prodigy tests and what they provided me and I was only able to go through them once. (I did go back after each test and retook the questions I got wrong the first time around and got 99% of them correct). One of the most helpful things was the details and referenced explanation of the correct answer and the reasons the others were wrong. I would recommend prodigy to absolutely anyone who is taking the NCE. Thank you so much!!!

Anthony Yanarella, CRNA
Coatesville, PA
Hello, boards went well. I took them June 1st and passed. computer shut off with 100 questions. I feel PACES helped me, especially getting used to computerized tests that were similar in style to the boards.

Patty McCullough, CRNA
Pittsburgh, PA

I took the cert exam on May 16th and Passed!!!   Thank you for your help!  I felt that Paces exams and review material was very helpful in my preparation. I also followed your discussions on Facebook and found them helpful! 

      The alternative question forms on the quizzes were especially helpful!   I would say that at least half of my test was alternative form questions, and although the actual board questions were much harder than the practice questions,  they were helpful as practice.  The PACES practice tests really helped me with the my answer speed, and I think enabled me to answer enough questions to pass the test.  You do a nice job with your program, and the time and effort that you put into your review material is evident in the thoroughness of the subjects.  Your review material was the only one, ( and we had several) that covered complex pain syndromes and chronic pain/ regional as thoroughly as needed to pass today's Boards.  Thanks again!

Sandra Troester, CRNA
Gallipolis, OH
Yes, I did take my boards and yes, I passed. I am now a CRNA! What a relief! I have to say that the CRNA boards were the hardest exam I have ever taken. Prodigy did help me prepare. I appreciated the drop and drag practice questions, the diagrams that were used to answer questions related specific parts of the picture and the calculations. I highly recommend all students use this program to help them prepare.

Mary Grogan, CRNA
Glen Mills, PA
I passed!! The questions really helped prepare me. I recommended prodigy to other classmates and students.

Bethany Peattie, CRNA
Clermont, FL
"I thought the simulation exams were just like the real exam in the way that the set up was done. The choose 3 that apply and drop and drags were great. I prepared by taking the exams every morning and working on my weaknesses the remainder of the day by reading highlighted sections of M&M and Barash."

"I feel that the PACES exams are very challenging and helped tosharpen my test taking skills. Thank you, I passed and am now in the final stages of credentialing!"

Angela Kastner, CRNA
Pueblo, CO
"I PASSED on the first try.  I really liked Prodigy and I recommended the program to several of my classmates. They bought it too and loved it.  I also let the class under me know about the program.  I wished I had known about it when I was where they are in the program. It would have been nice to have to study for the SEE exam also.  The questions were exactly like true board questions, even the new format questions.  The library handouts were also very helpful to brush up on certain things like calculations.  Thanks for being so prompt at returning my emails when I had questions. "

Megan Taylor, CRNA

Bangor, ME

"I took boards Jan 13th and passed!  Prodigy was extremely helpful.  Being able to select questions based on specific content/variety was undeniably effective.  Prodigy kept me focused.  Thank You!!!!!"

Grant Jordan, CRNA
Minneapolis, MN
"I did take my board exam and passed!  This was my second time taking the exam (but first time since discovering prodigy). I thought that using your program helped take away some of the anxiety of the computerized exam, since my anesthesia school didn't conduct any of their exams on the computer. I thought that the exams were helpful, and I thought the breakdown scores at the end of the exams were beneficial." 

Angela Pettis, CRNA
Accokeek, MD
"I took boards Jan 13th and passed!  Prodigy was extremely helpful.  Being able to select questions based on specific content/variety was undeniably effective.  Prodigy kept me focused.  Thank You!!!!!"

Christopher Rich, CRNA

Waynesville, NC
"I am happy to say that I passed the boards along with your help!  I used the Prodigy exams along with two other aids.  Each week I would take a test twice.  At the end of the week, I would use the missed questions feature to review those that I missed.  I got to the point where I knew the answer and the reason why the answer was correct on almost every question.  I do not think I would have passed without Prodigy.  I appreciate your assistance.  As always, I thank you.."

David Perry, CRNA
Pittsburgh, PA
"I liked the program. The questions were similar to boards. I had a few <5 that were written almost exactly the same and there were some questions that I was able to get correct because I was able to discard the right answers. I also liked the fact that there were diagrams, multiple multiples. I passed- so it was money well spend :-)."

Justin Fenus, CRNA
Bonita Springs, FL
"Prodigy was awesome! Passed!"

Robb Ivy, CRNA
Fort Worth, TX
"I took my board exam on Jan 20th. I took all of your 6 practice exams, roughly 1 week apart from each other. I felt your exams were helpful, especially the rationales."
"I liked the pass rate feature. It allowed me to get an idea of how I would probably do on the "real" exam. I also was able to get a feel for how long it was taking me to read, understand and answer the questions. I knew I needed to stay on a 1 question per minute pace, and your program helped me adjust to that speed."
" I mainly used your program to guage my progress and retention. For your statistics, I took the minimum of 100 questions on the board exam in roughly 105 minutes. If you need any further details, you can email me. Thanks for all your hard work and I would definitely recommend your program for future students."

PACES 7.0 Coming!

You've enjoyed our QuickFacts® on Facebook for over a year.  Now,they'll be a new fixture in PACES 7.0.  QuickFacts will allow you to storm through concise anesthesia facts at lightning speed!
Did you hear that the 2014 exam will be tougher?  Don't worry.  Prodigy Anesthesia will make sure you are more than ready with the most rigorous preparation and simulation environment available.